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Break away from a world of Black and White.  The Prism underwear lets them know you've arrived to break out in colorful fun!  Rich, bold colors that set you apart from the rest.  The Prism underwear allows you to be an individual, to express yourself and to be free from the typical boring color choices.  Why pick a color when you can pick a rainbow of fun?!  Pick up a set of the PRISM boxer briefs today!

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Every pair of Kings & Jaxs boxer briefs are hand crafted from a blend of perfectly soft, finely mended anti-pilling cotton or polyester combined with pure spandex. Kings & Jaxs underwear are then hand sewn, one stitch at a time ensuring the perfect fit, superior comfort with flexibility, and moisture absorbing breathability. All premium waist bands hold you perfectly with the ultimate in comfort and softness, and are finished with pure silk woven labels.  All of our models that contain graphics feature bold and beautiful colors without crackly, itchy inks or transfers.  All solid color models are dyed with the richest and brightest colors that refuse to fade!  Pure perfection in every single pair of underwear-Kings & Jaxs boxer briefs, simply the worlds finest men’s underwear!

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