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It wasn’t my first time but there was no doubt it was going to be my best time!  She was amazing to look at. Far prettier than any girl I had ever been with.  She was dressed just right. We just came back from hangin out with some friends. She had a tight skirt on and one of those tops where you couldn’t really see what was going on but you just sorta knew it was all good!  We started makin out, you know how it goes and then one thing is leading to another… I just kept thinking, “Is this really gonna happen?”

I got the outer layer removed from her body.  You know, the top, the skirt, the shoes, all that meaningless stuff.  I now have her down to this tiny little bra and panties that looked soooo right!  You know the kind; soft, silky and barely there.  I soon realize this is going to happen and it is going to happen right NOW!

Then BAM!.. I get smacked square in the chest with the sickest feeling!  I feel like this is bad, real bad.  Like I’m gonna puke.  I mean, what the hell am I wearing under my jeans anyway?  Are these old tighty whities?  Are there holes in em?  Are these those boxer briefs from 9th grade that I didn’t throw out but shoulda thrown out long ago?  Panic clearly starts to set it, I can’t make the right call.  Please, I pray,  PLEEEEASE don’t look down when these jeans come off…

As I am telling my friend this true tale over the $2 taco plate we are scarfing for lunch he just comes out and says it… “Man, there has got to be some kind of underwear that makes a guy look like he cares a bit when his pants come off.”  It hit me like a hammer between the eyes.  After all, its the first layer you put on everyday!  It’s your last layer of defense!  It’s the one piece of clothing that has to hold you right, all the time, all day long!  It’s a statement!  Hell, its EVERYTHING that really matters when it comes down to it.  You can get away with an old pair of jeans, but old abused underwear just isn’t right!

It was here that the two of us set out on a mission.  Lets go underwear shopping.  Now this isn’t something two guys often do together, but hell… we were gonna look good and feel good with some fresh undies!  About a dozen stores later and after some serious online searching, we kinda realized this wasn’t going to be easy!  Hey, we live in LA, are you telling me that its this hard to find a good set of man underwear.  Sadly, the answer was, “YES” it is that difficult as most of them suck!  We looked on line, in department stores and even in those little cool hipster shops between Hollywood and downtown.  The brands of underwear, the art, the cut, fit and finish none of it was right!  We were just blown away!  There has to be something better.

The two of us had been creating and developing technical athletic apparel for years.  Some 18 years of experience between us.  So, we quit our daytime gigs and focused entirely on creating the worlds finest mens underwear.  We proudly bring you… Kings & Jaxs.

…oh, and by the way… it was the gym boxer briefs from 9th grade!… Thank God she never looked down.